Eastern Edge Accommodation is as varied and hospitable as the region and its people.

Whether you are looking for a major city hotel adjacent to a convention centre, a luxurious boutique hotel in the centre of a bustling city, a five-star resort hotel with meeting rooms and world class golfing, charming off the beaten path seaside accommodations, or an adventure in the wilderness -the Eastern Edge has it all on offer.

  • Imagine spending the night in an 18th century French fortress, glamping in a yurt on a private island or enjoying the comforts of an ultra-modern, sustainable hotel on a small, craggy island where every room has floor to ceiling views of the mighty Atlantic.


Whether you are looking to indulge in creature comforts or wake to the birdsong and the smell of a campfire, Downeast DMC can help you choose the perfect fit for your client or find you the perfect unsearchable experience to delight and amaze.

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