Canada’s Eastern Edge has so much to offer is such a beautiful setting.


Canada’s Eastern Edge is an outdoor adventure heaven.

Our coastlines are an ocean playground. From relaxing views, to seafood feasts on a pristine beach, To be on, in or under the water or just enjoying the difference a sea breeze makes.

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Whether you are looking for a major city hotel adjacent to a convention centre, a luxurious boutique hotel in the centre of a bustling city, a five-star resort hotel with meeting rooms and world class golfing, charming off the beaten path seaside accommodations, or an adventure in the wilderness — the Eastern Edge has it all on offer.

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Eastern Edge Cuisine will surprise and delight the most discerning or jaded palate. From the bounties of the sea and land have been created traditional cuisines that today’s restauranteurs and chefs are taking to new heights as fresh and local meets global.

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Whatever your choice; from fine dining to casual, from private dining to country kitchen, from a beach marquee to an 18th century fortress, from a beautiful winery to a rustic barn and even to dining on the ocean floor or on a private island — Downeast DMC can match your clients with the perfect setting and service.

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Celebrating life by the sea is what Eastern Edge Culture is all about. Our Indigenous, French, African, Scottish, Irish and German ancestors laid down a cultural heritage of stories, song, dance, music and celebrations that later generations of Canadians who came from around the world have built upon.

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