Eastern Edge Cuisine will surprise and delight the most discerning or jaded palate. From the bounties of the sea and land have been created traditional cuisines that today’s restauranteurs and chefs are taking to new heights as fresh and local meets global.

Every corner of the Eastern Edge has its culinary treasures to offer. Indulge in locally grown, caught, and harvested fare that celebrates our traditions and history.

  • The sea provides the ingredients for delicious fish chowders, mouthwatering lobster boils, mouthwatering scallops, delectable smoked salmon, and butter poached halibut, scrumptious battered haddock for fish and chips, mussels, oysters and clams — all the bounties of the Atlantic. It’s a feast like no other!

  • From our farms come exquisite meats and fowl along with fruits and vegetables fresh to the table. From our fields and forests come berries, ferns and other plants to flavour our dishes. Fresh, local and delicious is the key to Canada’s Eastern Edge Cuisine.

  • The Eastern Edge is also home to renowned vintners, brewers and distillers. The Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia is home to many prestigious wineries, while craft breweries dot the landscape and distillers capture the spirit of Canada’s Eastern Edge.


At Downeast DMC we believe that an event is ultimately only as good as the food. We will find the perfect menu and the perfect chef to give your clients an unforgettable culinary experience.

Whatever your need or desire, Downeast DMC is your partner in Incentive Program Building, Destination Meetings, Conference and Convention Support and so much more. Let Downeast DMC bring you all that
Eastern Edge cuisine has to offer.

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