Newfoundland — The Rock — is a magnificent and extraordinary island thrusting its craggy face into the North Atlantic. It is the most easterly point of North America and an Eastern Edge treasure.

Newfoundlanders are the friendliest people you will ever meet, and that’s saying something here on the Eastern Edge. Their hospitality has been immortalized in Broadway’s Come From Away! and will never disappoint.

It a place where Indigenous, Irish, French, and English have blended with cultures brought by fishermen from exotic lands to create a place that is an Eastern Edge original in every way.

  • Newfoundlanders speak with a unique dialect and accent. When the stories get flowing fast it sounds more like you are in Ireland than North America. You are always welcome to kiss the cod and join the party!

  • Newfoundland is the Eastern Edge frontier. Explore majestic fiords at Gros Morne National Park and marvel at the towering rocky coasts. Stand at the very edge of North America and be the first to see the sun on the continent. Small outport fishing towns seem transported from another more rugged time. Fogo Island offers accommodations unlike anywhere you have seen.

  • Go fill your boots at one of the ubiquitous pubs in the 500-year-old capital city, St. John’s — where North America begins and the music flows into the streets.

  • You can indulge yourself with the freshest meals locally grown, caught and foraged and drink vodka made from the icebergs that drift majestically along the coast where whales leap and spin.


Newfoundland is like no other place on earth. Let Downeast DMC create adventures to captivate your clients with unique unsearchable experiences in this amazing place.

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