Celebrating life by the sea is what Eastern Edge Culture is all about.

Our Indigenous, French, African, Scottish, Irish and German ancestors laid down a cultural heritage of stories, song, dance, music and celebrations that later generations of Canadians who came from around the world have built upon.

  • Eastern Edge Music is the greatest expression of our cultures. In every corner of this place, from the lively pubs of Halifax and St. John’s to kitchen ceilidhs, from fire pits at the beach to concert halls- music defines us.

  • We celebrate with traditional Acadian, Gaelic and Celtic music, with sea shanties and folk songs. We mark important occasions with bagpipes and fiddles fill the air. Our nightlife is alive with pubs, clubs and concerts.

  • Our artisans work in every field from carving driftwood to sculpting stone, creating crystal treasures and handcrafting pewter tableware and ornaments. The Eastern Edge is renowned for our folk-art traditions focused on everyday life on and by the sea and can be found in galleries, markets and road side stands.


Eastern Edge Culture is inclusive, celebratory and above all fun. You will likely never find a group of friendlier people more eager to invite you into the party. Downeast DMC can set your clients up for the perfect celebration that will be sure to have feet tapping to the beat.

Whatever your need or desire, Downeast DMC is your partner in Incentive Program Building, Destination Meetings, Conference and Convention Support and so much more. Let Downeast DMC bring you all that
Eastern Edge culture has to offer.

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